RV Gear: 2 Cast Iron Items for Your RV

Keeping your camper stocked with the best RV gear can make the difference between a camping trip that is a total flop and one that will make memories that last a lifetime. We’ll show you two of our favorite camping essentials that make cooking around the campfire a breeze. Learn which cast-iron items you want in your RV below.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are a great way to make hearty, delicious meals at the campground with little effort. You can set up a tripod over your fire, add your ingredients, and let it go or set it up to cook amongst the coals. Be sure to take a pair of very thick oven mitts to use when working with your cast-iron Dutch oven. It gets extremely hot all over while cooking. You’ll also want to take coals for cooking in the fire.

Cast Iron Skillet

Another great way to cook around your campfire is a cast-iron skillet. This versatile piece of cooking equipment can be used on your RV stove, over your fire on the grill, in an oven and directly over your fire. It’s perfect for everything from steaks to pancakes and everything in between. If you only take one pan camping, make sure it’s a cast-iron skillet.

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